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Counting the cost of ignoring mental health at work

In this article for Finance Monthly, Pam Loch and Bruce Jenner look at why employers need to be more proactive in addressing mental health issues in the workplace and discuss some simple steps that financial institutions and financial services firms can take to show their commitment to employee wellbeing.

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WhatsApp in the workplace

How can employers manage the risks associated with their employees using WhatsApp and social media messaging apps during working hours. Pam provides an insight into what the risks are and provides advice for employers in this article for HR Magazine.

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Investigating dishonest behaviour

One of the most common problems we encounter working with our clients is when an employee acts dishonestly, including when they fraudulently take money from the company for their own personal use. This blog looks at the importance of a conducting a thorough investigation.

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Obesity in the workplace

Pam Loch and Bruce Jenner explore the issues of obesity in the workplace and the implications for employers in this article first published by HR Director.

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The legal fallout of employee’s abusive behaviour

There is often a fine line between ‘banter’ and abusive behaviour or language. This is exacerbated by the fact that employers are vicariously liable for acts or omissions by employees if they are carried out in the course of their employment.

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