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Mental Health Signposting Service

Mental Health Signposting Service  

If you’ve invested in Mental Health First Aid training for your organisation, it can be hard to demonstrate the value of the training.  We also recognise that once trained, your Mental Health First Aiders don’t always have access to ongoing support. 

As a result we have developed the first-of-its-kind Mental Health Signposting Service, designed to provide your trained Mental Health First Aiders with ongoing access to advice and guidance. 


“We will use the knowledge and tools we have been given to help in the support of our colleagues.” Mental Health First Aider

How Loch Health can help you:

Our Signposting Service is managed by mental health experts, who can provide advice on how a Mental Health First Aider should manage a situation that arises in the workplace.

The Signposting Service is not designed to provide counselling support, but instead provides a backup to the training course, providing knowledge and help with the steps to take when the First Aider is supporting a colleague. You’ll also receive a monthly report on the number of calls we have received from your Mental Health First Aiders.

Our Signposting Service is the first of its kind. It gives employers peace of mind that their trained first aiders can ‘sense check’ their plan of action or get advice on managing particularly complex situations.

Our mental health experts are backed up by our employment lawyers, so employers can be safe in the knowledge that their first aiders are not putting their business at risk from claims.

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