Our GDPR implementation support services are aimed at helping you simplify your GDPR compliance. We provide a range of services to help you implement the documentation, policies and processes your business needs to comply with GDPR.

Bespoke Documentation Creation

Employment privacy notices

  • Candidates
  • Employees/Consultants/workers
£100 plus VAT
£200 plus VAT

Data Protection Policy

  • Including privacy policy
  • Without privacy policy
£250 plus VAT
£150 plus VAT
Employment Contract clauses £100 plus VAT
Complete Employment/HR package
Containing all the above documents
£500 plus VAT

Bespoke Documentation Creation

GDPR Audit
£1500 plus VAT
Website privacy notice
£200 plus VAT

Processor Contracts:

  • Processors
  • Sub-processors
£150 plus VAT
£150 plus VAT


  • Delivered on-site by Loch Associates Group
  • Materials for in-house delivery
  • Induction pack, including GDPR
£150 plus VAT
£150 plus VAT
£250 plus VAT
Policy on response to Data Subject Requests £200 plus VAT
Reporting breaches process £200 plus VAT
Reporting breaches process £200 plus VAT
Staff Consultation support for implementing GDPR
changes to contracts and Handbook, including scripts
and letters
Contact us to
discuss your

GDPR Implementation Project Management

We know that getting your business ready for GDPR can be a full time job! We can make GDPR compliance much simpler with our project management services. We’ll work with you to project manage the activity your business needs to undertake in order to comply with GDPR. As this is service depends on your needs, please contact us to arrange a quote.

info@lochlaw.co.uk – 01892 773970