Is positive action always a positive thing?


In HR Magazine’s latest article, our Managing Director Pam Loch discusses whether positive action in the workplace is always a positive thing for employers. 

“Positive action may seem like a sensible way to ensure greater diversity in the recruitment process, and subsequently in the workforce, but as employment law specialists we are all too familiar with the errors that can trip employers up. Well-intentioned employers may get things wrong; for example by not thinking through the full implications of the wording in job adverts for directors, company policy statements and the requirements they place on the role, or indeed where they advertise them.

Well-meaning attempts at positive action can go too far, becoming illegal discrimination against male applicants who could then bring claims against their employer. Employers should therefore carefully consider whether positive action is an appropriate and proportionate means of achieving greater representation of women in the boardroom or a would-be breach of discrimination legislation.”

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