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Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals


It’s not uncommon for an employer to face an Employment Tribunal claim at some stage during the course of their business. The process can present a variety of challenging circumstances that can be stressful, daunting and time consuming, with serious consequences if handled incorrectly.

If an employee has raised an issue or made a claim against you, it’s important that you seek the appropriate advice from the outset in order to protect your business and reputation. Whether you’re facing straightforward allegations, or a more unique and complicated scenario, Loch Employment Law can help. 

“Pam and her team are always on hand to expertly advise us on any employment law issues we have. The speed of their service levels combined with high quality advice always exceeds our expectations.
Operations Director, Professional Services

 How Loch Employment Law can help

Our employment law experience ensures that we are well placed to help businesses large and small through the entire process. Our employment lawyers can assess the various merits of a claim, before providing strategic advice and the various options available to you.

Whether that’s settling quickly, negotiating with the claimant, or preparing the case for the Employment Tribunal, our advice is both practical and commercial – helping to minimise costs while reducing the negative impact on the rest of your employees. We will provide an assessment on the likelihood of successfully defending the claim and guide you through the most appropriate course of action.

The benefits of working with Loch Employment Law

The stressful nature of Employment Tribunal claims and the breakdown of interpersonal relationships involved can often make it difficult to strategise rationally – and it can take the intervention of a third party to help assess the situation without negative emotions clouding judgement.

By working with Loch Employment Law, you can free yourself to concentrate on day-to-day operations of your business – and have the entire process handled for you by our dedicated lawyers. We’ll work with you every step of the way from when you first receive the notification of a claim and liaising with Acas and the ET, through to representing you if it goes to Tribunal. We’ll advise you on the practical steps to take and work to resolve the claim with the least commercial impact on your business.

Common reasons why an employee might make a claim at Employment Tribunal include:

  • Disputes around pay
  • Redundancy payouts and deductions
  • Disputes around equal work and pay
  • Unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal
  • Discrimination, such as gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or disability

“The expertise of Loch Employment Law made me feel in very safe hands. Caroline was thorough at explaining the legal situation, giving clear advice and was committed to getting me a fair outcome.
Senior Professional 

“Thanks for all your help. Very impressed how you pressed the negotiations forward on Wednesday to allow us to reach a quick resolution.”
App Developer

“Being a new employer can be very daunting but she gave me the confidence to forge ahead with the process always explaining things in a straight forward manner.” Dave Mac, Employer

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